This historic restoration is a particularly interesting project. The property is two lots, 24 and 25,  zoned R-2.   Lot 24 has remained undeveloped with new landscape designed to enhance it’s beauty and utility. When we took on the project,the existing house was overgrown (and ingrown) with vines, a long neglected classic single wall construction Laguna Beach Cottage built in 1927.

The fact that it was owned by one of the famed early Laguna Beach Artists, George Brandriff, adds to its historic value and interest. (georgebrandriffartwork.co).

The owners, who also own one of the oldest residences in North Laguna locally known as the Witch’s House, were dedicated to restoration of the original house.  Our program required careful attention to the Department of Interior Standards for the Restoration and Rehabilitation of Historic Structures as well as to requirements by Laguna Beach Heritage Committee.  We worked with Architectural Historian, Galvin Preservation Associates.

Our challenge was to preserve as much as possible of the original structure, finishes, details, doors and windows while bringing the building up to current safety, energy and comfort standards.