This building is situated on a triangular lot at a busy intersection in Tustin, CA. It has fallen into disrepair and is in need of a clean, contemporary remodel.   It is an eyesore in this lovely Southern California community.  The owner asked us to renew the building and to keep the budget reasonable. We did just that.

Our program is to provide an attractive and functional office building. The main part of the building was salvageable but the stairs and railings were hazardous. We reworked the layout somewhat, making interior spaces more functional.  We replaced the stairs in a design more closely tied to the building. We used a variety of exterior cladding materials:  Durable, affordable, beautiful Equitone panels, Woodtone Rosewood Siding, two colors of stucco and simple bronze color storefront windows and doors. We add a thoughtful landscape plan and the result is unified and elegant and will be a source of pride to the owner, the tenants and the City of Tustin..